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The beginning and end of the school day 2017-2018

School Bus

School Entrance Dates

Appointment of Mrs. Samia Radi
Appointment of   Mrs. Samia Radi Director General of Schools by the decision of the Minister of Education  on 20/7/2017

exams for the second semester
For students and students, parents, the school notes that the dates of all the exams for the second semester of the academic year 2016/2017 in all stages start at 8 am and the regulations and laws apply to those who fall behind schedule
رؤية رياض الأطفال

Ministerial Decree 466 of 2015 on managers and agents National Institutes Schools Movement

The list of school discipline

Honoring outstanding students of the preparatory stage and the secondary stage

Important announcement
Gentlemen parents take science Your Excellency that at the School board's decision will be the payment of tuition fees for the academic year 2015-2016 through the branches of the Bank of Egypt in all over the country so please go to the AFF School of the importance of knowing that the purchase of books from compulsory school in accordance with Resolution Ministerial No. 420 for the year 2014

A certificate of appreciation to the Director General of schools

Certificates of appreciation from the Department of Education to surpass the school in the school press gallery

An invitation to attend the closing ceremony of school activities

The school won first place in the football tournament at the level of the National Institutes Schools

Congratulates the school's family and all employees d / gamal shams in schools nominated by the Director of Ministerial Decree issued by sovereign and Minister of Education today Congratulations
The first semester results

 Announces the management of the school all the students, parents had been declared in all levels of education results in both phase and certificates are delivered daily.

School students care administration, parents directed that the school has been the completion of the results of all stages and the school pending approval by the Department of Education for the announcement of the results will be announced on the school site upon arrival of approval for the emergence of school results.

Early Student Competition
مسابقة اوائل الطلبة


The school won the first place
The primary school won the first place
in the contest childhood holidays for the year 2014-2015
at the level of educational administration and the second
at the level of the Directorate of Education in Cairo. 

Celebrating Childhood 2014-2015


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